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COURSE CODE AND NAME:   IS 223 Database Systems Implementation

COURSE LEVEL: Year 2, Semester II


 Brief Course Description

This course concerns the implementation of a database system using any large database management systems such as Oracle , Informix, Ingress etc it includes the structure of these systems, building blocks, SQL Plus interface, menu, Forms, PL/SQL security, Backup and recovery procedures

 Course Objective

By the end of the Course, the student will be able to implement a working database system in Oracle or any other large DBMS for an organization.

 Detailed Course Description
  • Introduction to Oracle architecture, Storage, software components, process, disk space management, Backing up and recovery – (8 hours)
  • Oracle Storage structures and Indexes. Blocks, Records, Files structures such as heap files, hash files, mixed file – (8 hours)
  • Introduction to SQL plus interface. Command mode, Environmental commands, command file – (8 hours)
  • Simple Queries with SQL using search expression- where, group by, having; Multiple row sub-queries, simple joins, complex joins, set operators Basics of a DBA and related commands – (8 hours)
  • Implementing database, creating tablespace database, tables, with various integrities, Oracle data types,, Creating, clusters, Views with constraints; Inserting modify and updating data , modify tables – (8 hours)
  • Introduction to Oracle Forms, reports, menu, graphics – (8 hours)
  • Introduction to PL/SQL programming, Basic PL/SQL block structure, Cursors, Exception handling, procedure, functions, package, triggers – 10hours
  • Embedded SQL, Interfacing third generation languages with SQL – (4hours)
 Mode of delivery

This course is taught by lectures, tutorials, practical assignments, and examinations.


The course is assessed by assignment, tests and final examinations whose contributions are shown below:

Assignment  15%
Tests  25%
Final course Examination  60%
Total  100%

  • Bert Scalzo Phd. Introduction to Oracle: Basic Skills for Any Oracle User. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2010.
  • Larry Rockoff. The Language of SQL: How to Access Data in Relational Databases. Cengage Learning PTR; 1st edition, 2010.
  • Anthony Molinaro. SQL Cookbook. O’Reilly Media; 1 edition, 2005.
  • Steven Feuerstein and Bill Pribyl, Oracle PL/SQL P O’Reilly Media; 6th Edition, 2014
  • Joan Casteel, Oracle 11g: PL/SQL Programming. Cengage Learning; 2 edition, 2012
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